Migrating to the Treat platform can be confusing if you do not have any prior experience in the crypto space. Treat is a great introduction to crypto and NFTs for those who know nothing about it beforehand. All of our tools and guides are made with non-crypto people in mind.

Crypto and NFT technology allows for you as a creator to sell your content without the hassle of waiting to receive your funds. There is no reason for us to have a holding period on your funds because the process of payment is automated through the “blockchain” (which is the underlying technology of how most crypto works, such as Bitcoin).

By selling your content as NFTs on our platform, you have the freedom to not only create (also referred to as “minting” in the crypto space) content quickly, but be paid for that content just as easily. By circumventing traditional payment options that are routed through the banking system, you are protected from your funds being held/denied based on “morality laws” or any other type of impediment.

Treat DAO is making not only the creation of content “trustless” (meaning you do not need our permission to create/post content) but the ability for creators to be paid as well. We are removing the middleman to benefit the content creator.

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