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How do I sign up as a creator?
How do I sign up as a creator?
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To sign up as a creator, you must have a Binance Smart Chain-powered wallet which you will need to connect to the Treat platform. Your wallet will enable you to mint NFTs and receive payment for any successful NFT sale.

Refer to our Wallet Resources for questions related to setting up and connecting your wallet to the Treat platform.

Applying as a creator

  1. After you connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet to Treat, click the “Apply” button on the top-right of the webpage. This will redirect you to the “Become a Creator” page.

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2. Complete the form to apply to become a creator.

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3. Once you have filled out the form and uploaded your profile photo, tick the “I agree to the Terms of Service” box then click “Submit Application”.

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4. You’re all set! The verification process will take 24-48 hours. While waiting for your application to be approved, you may join our Telegram and Discord channels to get in touch with the Treat team and other creators.

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